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Tanuja Ramani is an illustrator and artist from the city of Chennai, India. Her work takes inspiration from the history of  human settlements, material culture, and the interplay between our built environment and the natural world. She hopes to use art to tell stories, to inspire, and nurture interest in environmental and social issues.



Tanuja works primarily with graphite, using the tactility and immediacy of the medium to create environments that are infused with subtle feeling and memory. 



– A note on Process –

The tools I use often are graphite pencils, technical pencils, charcoal, and hot-press watercolour paper. My approach to creating a drawing always starts with laying out rough form, and then begins a process of gradually bringing out the image—as though drawing it out of a fog. The tools and techniques I use emphasise the immediacy and happy accidents that can occur when putting pigment to paper, balancing this measured spontaneity with areas of careful detail. For client illustrations and design, I scan and edit my art digitally to bring in colour, but my gallery work is always entirely hand done.


Process images & a look at ongoing projects